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Thousands of leaders from Baby Boomers to Millennials have used the personal touch of Geo Roberts Coaching & Development to be inspired, encouraged and challenged to make vital transitions in their lives and work. Results are new businesses and organizations are created, people step up to take charge and make a positive difference in their own, unique way.

Our Mission

Geo Roberts Coaching & Development exists to help leaders of fast changing organizations to thrive in the workplace and in their lives. We are called in by leaders to help them create and sustain collaborative  teams in all types of organizations experiencing change.  

Facts are that leading people through successful change has an 80% failure rate.  Yet changing quickly and effectively in today's competitive global marketplace requires leaders who are adept at leading their organizations through change if you want to survive and thrive.  We train leaders to develop a coaching approach which turns that failure rate on its head.

In the 18 months of working together M J Mapp have seen a 17% increase in their employee engagement scores and they have halved the number of under-performing staff. At the same time anecdotal evidence points to many improvements to collaborative teamwork, communication and general working practices. Most importantly clients are noticing and commenting upon improved performance.
— Jonathan Gill, COO, MJ Mapp

What We've Achieved

“Geo, without you we would certainly not have been able to get to the point where we are able to even enter for an award like this and we are so grateful for the years you (and Heidi) gave to Resurgo to make it possible.  You will be very much on our minds when we go to pick it up at St James’ Palace from Princess Ann.” Jo Rice, Managing Director Resurgo Trust.
  1. Helped the Resurgo Trust train its staff to become one of the top performing agencies in the United Kingdom for producing work ready young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.  From just one center producing 90 graduates a year to now helping 700+ prepare for work.  Over 75% are still in work or education 1 year on from completion of the program.  In 2017, Resurgo was awarded the prestigious Princess Royal Training Award for their outstanding internal training program. 


  2. Worked with John Lewis Partnership to deliver a massive culture shift in leadership development and achieving results with hundreds of senior management head office staff
  3. Designed and supervised a senior partner development program of coaching for an international environment consulting firm which helped the firm achieve its second best trading year ever.