Readiness for Change Workshop

How well equipped are you to design and implement change? 80% of change programs fail.  How ready are you and your organization to make the necessary changes to compete and thrive is our highly volatile world? This amazing two hour workshop can tell you more about  your organisation's key people and their willingness, ability to lead and skills to implement change than any long, drawn out report from a management consultancy firm.


Just two hours

Put you and your key people into a room for just a couple of hours with one of our coaches and you will gain fresh insight into your staff's ability to lead, embrace and implement change of all kinds.  You will be able to ascertain what precise changes need to be made first, and the consequences of not changing.


Highly Interactive

No chalk and talk here. No mumbo jumbo management speak.  Our coaches are professional, practical and experienced people who know how to elicit what your people truly think and feel about their strengths, areas that need changing and their views on what skills, attitudes and knowledge they need to lead the changes.


Individual, Team and corporate view

Gaining deeper understanding of how your people see the big picture as well as what goes on in their own department or area can be both fascinating and alarming!  Begin to see silos crumble as people share what they really think and feel is going on across the organization, and what is needed to make it better.

Let's Get Started

If you would like to learn more about the Readiness for Change Workshop, just contact us and we can schedule some time.