Lead Through Coaching

What is Lead Through Coaching?

This exciting, intensive, hands-on training program will transform your leadership, dramatically improve your ability to communicate, command a presence, and build highly empowered teams who will create a 30, 60 or even 100-fold improvement in productivity and results.

Who Should Attend?

This program is designed for CEO's and organizational leaders who are responsible to their stakeholders for inspiring and engaging even the most set in their ways people to embrace change and make it work.

What Skills Will Be Developed? 

The top seven are:

  1. Presence -- How to get and remain focused, present and fully aware of your surroundings so that no matter what situations you face, you communicate and deliver what is needed
  2. Mental Toughness and Self Confidence -- Through being live coached, develop skills in obtaining and processing feedback which yields spontaneous highly effective results and clarity of thinking
  3. Tightly Knit Lasting Relationships -- Build deeper connections, gain inspired co-operation and confront issues which lead to increased understanding and growth with individuals and teams
  4. Questioning and Listening -- Develop powerful questioning skills through deeper listening which obliterates blind spots and encourages change in even the most obstinate people
  5. Program Leadership and Management – Exploring proven program leadership skills for working with even diverse and disparate technical people that drive results
  6. Highly Effective Collaborative Teamwork – Overcome the obstacles that cause teams and individuals to stifle teamwork and prevent success
  7. Inspired Transformational Leadership -- Developing the ability to challenge the current expectations of the group and gain ownership to drive for extraordinary results and achievement

What Are The Details?

Session One -- 3 Days

Timing --Day 1, 9.30am  - 4.30pm Day 2, 8.30am  - 4.00pm Day 3, 8.30am - 4.00 pm

Session Two -- 3 Days

Timing --Day 1, 9.30am  - 4.30pm Day 2, 8.30am  - 4.00 pm Day 3, 8.30am - 4.00pm

Session Three -- 2 Days

Timing --Day 1, 9.30am  - 7.30pm Day 2, 10.00am  - 7.30pm

Location – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Investment -- $3500 per person  (travel, accommodation and meals extra)

What do Coaching Clients Say?

Barbara Storch, Portfolio Director Impetus-PEF

"I was incredibly impressed by the quality of facilitation and the ease with which my esteemed colleagues delivered the workshop. Throughout all of it, the skills and frameworks you instilled in us shone through. Thank you for helping us get there! I echo Chiku when I say it wouldn't have been possible without you. I look forward to more sessions where we can hone our skills further"

Nigel Mapp, Chariman MJ Mapp Property Management and Asset Management

"We invited Geo in to work with our teams from senior board directors to site personnel on a dramatic cultural change program using coaching.  The results have been amazing.  In fact, in all my years of business, I must say this investment of many tens of thousands of pounds has been the best investment we ever made."

For more information and booking, please go to the contact page on our website and leave your details or contact Geo Roberts directly on geo@georoberts.com, Cell/Mobile 719 330 0855.