Geo Roberts

Born in Kansas USA, Geo spent 15 years in the USAF, 11 of those years as a fighter pilot and instructor trainer.  This inspired Geo’s passion for helping others achieve their potential. He has designed and delivered coaching training and leadership development programs for over 35 years attended by 1000's of people worldwide, and particularly in Europe. He is an inspirational coach who has a passionate belief in the ability we have as people to make the permanent changes in attitudes and behaviours that lead to lasting performance improvement.  This means he is able to get even the most intransigent of attitudes to shift from boardroom to coal face level.  


Geo has coached CEO's, individuals and teams across a wide range of local, national and international organisations such as Visa, Orange, Baxter Healthcare, PGA European Tour, Domino Printed Images Fuji, Marks and Spencer, Avon Rubber, Environ, MJMapp and John Lewis. His book, IMPACT! How to Make a Positive Difference, is an autobiographical workbook and manual to help inspire and motivate people from all ages and backgrounds to make the changes necessary to lead rich and fulfilling lives.

I have got to know George Roberts over the past seven years and Geo as we know him is a very special person. Exemplary service with United States Air Force and from there he has become an inspirational mentor and teacher in helping companies and people reach their full potential. No company too big, no person too small. Geo imparts great wisdom to all he helps. He has strong family beliefs and so is well qualified to share his business success with all.I recommend this book totally. It is full of wisdom and good business sense. His book, IMPACT! is a must read!”
— Lord Mac Laurin of Knebworth, Chairman Tesco, 1985 - 1997