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Lead Through Coaching Session One

  • Eisenhower Golf Club USAF Academy USAF Academy, Colorado United States (map)

Session One  Developing a Foundation of Coaching Excellence

Location –  Eisenhower Golf Club, USAF Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado

The first three days cover an overview, exploration of what is coaching and how does it fit into how we lead, manage and live. Practical exercises to experience using a coaching approach and working on these core leadership skills:

Day One -- 9.30 - 4.30                 Day Two -- 8.30 - 4.00     Day Three -- 8.30 - 4.00

Skills Practiced

1.    Presence -- How to get and remain focused, present and fully aware of your surroundings so that no matter what situations you face, you communicate and deliver what is needed

2.    Mental Toughness and Self Confidence -- Through being live coached, develop skills in obtaining and processing feedback which yields spontaneous highly effective results and clarity of thinking

3.    Tightly Knit Lasting Relationships -- Build deeper connections, gain inspired co-operation and confront issues which lead to increased understanding and growth with individuals and teams

4.    Questioning and Listening -- Develop powerful questioning skills through deeper listening which obliterates blind spots and encourages change in even the most obstinate people