The Collaboration Workshop

Collaboration Workshop

For Teams Who Flourish in the Marketplace

Want to develop great profitability? 

Need More Effective Working Across All Areas That Contribute to the Success of Your Organization?

How About Having Some Fun in the Process?

Leaders in most organizations would agree in order to develop and sustain highly profitable and effective working practices requires technical teams who can connect and collaborate well with a variety of suppliers, clients and departments.

Teams must form quickly, avoid the storming and norming phases, and move rapidly into working effectively together.  With virtual teams this is even more important!

We have a tool and an experiential process of specific exercises that will help everyone to work together even more effectively.

Geo Roberts Coaching & Development is conducting a series of Collaboration Workshops in Colorado's Rampart Range area for leaders of businesses and organizations who want and need to increase their profitability and reduce costly delays caused by project overruns and failure. It is designed to help leaders introduce powerful collaborative tools into their teams and organizations which will dramatically increase productivity and yes, even have more fun in the workplace! 

“I desperately wanted to work in a joyful place with joyful people achieving joyful outcomes.  I wanted to have fun at work while producing wonderful results within a sustainable business” Richard Sheridan, Cofounder and CEO of Menlo Innovations

Specifically, you will practice how to be more collaborative in how we:

  1. Communicate
  2. Make Decisions
  3. Build Common Ground
  4. Handle Conflicting Views
  5. Work as a Team

The day covers:

Cme-Logo NEW.jpg
  • Personal discovery of your own preferences using a fresh and powerful collaborative tool called from the United Kingdom recently introduced in the United States ($150.00 value).  
  • We’ll unpack your personality profile 11-page pdf report completed online prior to the event (View a sample report.).  The contents cover: 
    • Introduction and Overview
    • Strengths, Possible Areas for Development
    • Value to the Team
    • Blind Spots
    • How Best to Communicate with Me
    • How Not to Communicate with Me
    • Your Natural and Adapted Preferences.
  • We will conduct some highly interactive exercises to bring out your personality and get feedback from others on the value you bring to the team, possible areas of conflict and how to work through these.
    • You will receive personal coaching on how to adapt and flex your style so you better connect with those who prefer other ways of seeing, communicating, thinking and feeling
    • We’ll help you develop a creative action plan to put the ideas explored into a one page plan which can be reviewed and referred to later.

Light lunch of salads and sandwiches as well as refreshments will be served throughout the day.

Coaching Investment:

$199.00 per person

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