Business Coaching Clients

Our clients know their success is directly related to the competency and dedication of their people at all levels.  We have had long term working relationships with these organizations who continue to thrive.

Impetus - PEF, London

MJ Mapp, London, UK

John Lewis, UK

Baxter Healthcare, USA and Europe

Resurgo Trust, London, UK

“I also wanted to say that I think of you often and marvel at your investment in me personally and the wider Resurgo team over the years.  You have sewn such rich seeds into us as an organisation and we couldn’t be more grateful for all that you have given us in terms of wisdom, tools, skills, confidence, encouragement, culture, ambition, hope and resilience.

So thank you.  I am so grateful for the massive and generous contribution you have made to Resurgo, and particularly the Spear coaching team who still talk of you often.”

Jo Rice CEO

Affinity Engineering, US

Morning Star Development US

New Life Church US

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