Become an Influential Leader like Chris Wisdom

I regularly get an email from Chris Wisdom with words of "Wisdom" pardon the pun.  He is an amazing business coach and consultant who has helped literally 1000's of people improve the way they communicate, and market themselves and their organizations.  We worked together for a number of years and have become good friends.  His most recent article on becoming an Influential Leader is a must read for anyone who wants and needs to get things done with others. Please click here: 

My reflections upon reading his blog were how it reminded me of my early days in training and development with Dale Carnegie Training.  We were taught to link the Logos (Facts) Chris speaks of to the Pathos (What's in it for me) benefits in our language so our person(s) to be influenced can easily bridge the two.  In my book(click here to purchase), IMPACT! Chapter Fifteen is devoted to developing 7 ways to construct what we present so that we can persuade our audience to accept, digest and even act on our message.  Thanks again, Chris, for taking the time to share!