The Power of Interpersonal Intelligence to Re-ordering Our World

I get emails and invites frequently encouraging me to "become accredited to use a fantastic tool that helps people measure their emotional intelligence." I first remember being exposed to "emotional intelligence"  when I read Daniel Goleman's book of that title.  It was very insightful and I am pleased I read it. I had observed from many years working with people who wished to develop their interpersonal skills that being more self aware was a vital element in being able to understand our own behavior as well as the behavior of others.  Then, we are more likely to be able to adapt and connect with them more effectively.  Through Dr Goleman's study and explanation of how the brain works we more fully understand the neurological processes which can help explain why we do what we do when we interact with others.  Dr Caroline Leaf in her book, Switch on Your Brain , further explains that we need to develop both our interpersonal as well as our interpersonal skills if we are to produce a life of health and happiness.  

Interpersonal Intelligence, a term I have coined I believe captures both.  We begin to use our understanding of why we do what we do to adapt how we interact.  Interpersonal Intelligence explores what it takes to build effective relationships, gain enthusiastic co-operation and even influence people to change the way they act and do things which cause offense or are counter-productive to building lasting relationships.

Just recently at our New Life Church in Colorado Springs, the message delivered to us by Glenn Packiam was that every relationship we build and preserve in a fruitful way is vital to develop the world's environment in the way it was originally designed.  Just think; every conversation you have that builds people up, strengthens and encourages someone or leads to a person changing course in a productive way is co-operating with what God intended for us to be doing here.  And, every time we sever a relationship or give up on it we are destroying some of the Kingdom of God.  How dare us to end or break something God wants us to maintain!  To hear the whole message, copy and paste the following into your browser: