The Awful Dilemma of Staying in Our Comfort Zones for the wrong reasons

Understanding the dilemma of staying in or venturing out of our comfort zones can make a big difference in how we lead our lives.  Of course, all of us could benefit from having the wisdom to choose when it is best to rest inside of our multiplex comfort zones.  If we have been in a highly stressful environment or conflict situation, drawing aside to our comfy chair and a good book or movie with family or loved one does wonders for the soul.  It's like a warm, hot bath on a cold, winter's night.  Perhaps we have ventured too far outside our comfort zone or were thrust outside of it by external events, in either case going back inside is a wise and helpful thing to do.  It is a great place to get refreshed and renewed, especially if we have someone we can speak to about our day who can coach us through the trauma.  Yet we already have discussed how harmful it can be if we stay in or stagnate.  It can lead to us getting way too introspective, negative and fearful.  As we have stated in a previous blog, we can become lonely, depressed and the downward spiral sets in.  Stagnating we saw earlier can be a real problem.  So can having just one area of our comfort zone that impacts the whole of us.  Remember Howard Hughes?  His life and death was a classic case of how staying in our comfort zone for fear of some outside threat-germs for him- took this highly creative, fearless pilot, entrepreneur and billionaire businessman to spend his last few years confined to lying naked on his hotel bed in what he hoped was a germ free environment.  In the end, his fear killed him. Read more about it online in an article by M Dittmann:

So what might be causing you to stay in your comfort zone too long or too much?  Have you had experiences that have turned into obsessions or phobias which serve to keep you locked in your CZ?

Why not write these down or speak to someone about them.  We'll explore in the next blog the opposite scenario where we encounter being to adventuresome or in a traumatic out of zone experience