What Comfort Zones Do We Have?

What comfort zones do we have?  One approach to this is to look at all the areas of our lives that demand our attention from time to time.  One of the most helpful for me and many others has been the concept of the "Wheel of Life".  If our comfort zone were depicted as a circle like this:

Outside my comfort zone

Situations I am not sure of

Big Crowds or People I do not like being around

Situations which remind me of failures I have had in the past

Our Comfort Zone

Our Comfort Zone

Outside my comfort zone

Places I have never been

People who are new to me

Experiences which evoke unwanted emotions or conflict

If this represented the whole of us, and the edge of our comfort zones represented the edge of the circle (which of course it does not because our CZ's vary in distance out depending upon our perceptions for each area), we could say every situation/relationship/location/environment inside the circle we are "comfortable and confident", and every place outside is "uncomfortable and not natural" for us.  Dissecting the circle and labelling each segment with a name might then give us a more sophisticated CZ:

Areas of Comfort that can affect our zone


We might find certain segments mentioned place us outside of our comfort zone more than others.  Yet if we have a failure in one area outside of our comfort zone, it can affect the boundary of our whole zone.  We might even find we begin to build a wall around the whole thing.  This could lead to the downward spiral we spoke of in the earlier blog.  On the other hand, if we have what we deem as a successful venture, it can lead to us being more confident in other areas as well!  As you reflect, where has your comfort zone shifted either outwardly or inwardly recently?  What impact, if any did it have on other areas?  We'll explore next blog as promised what happens if we stay in any one of our comfort zone segments too long.