What Makes IMPACT! So Special?

"Geo, I am so glad I read your book!  It has given me the impetus to do something I have dreamed of doing all of my life.  It will entail me leaving my current place of work, move to a new location and take on a role that is completely new to me.  But I know this is the right thing for me to do and that God will be with me in it."  I was so thrilled when I heard Lucy W describe her transformational experience to follow her dreams.  Now, nearly 6 years on here is what she had to say recently: , I'm now running a partnership with a friend where we mentor and train nursery teachers and managers. I never thought that would be possible. Never thought I would have that much confidence to step out into the unknown. We have a very simple website: earlyyeartrainer.com if you want to look. I've definitely gone from being in a place where I expected everything to always go wrong and so I wouldn't try new things, to a place where I know that choosing a positive attitude can be the biggest driving force for change in me and others. And some of that came from reading Impact so thank you for writing it

Lucy and Pete W, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Lucy and Pete W, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

I have had the privilege to train and work with thousands of people over the years, and heard many Lucy W stories.  Even today I heard from a client who had experienced how some people I trained to be coaches were running a series of workshops on giving effective feedback, and the coaches referred to their experiences of learning the IMPACT! core skills as the foundation for what they were doing.

IMPACT! in essence is both a book and a program.  It could be described even as a lifestyle and way of thinking.  It permeates every aspect of who you are and turns you from a follower into a leader, from a victim into a victor.  For those of you who already know you are leader, it equips you to become a transformational leader who develops other leaders.

Among the many new or improved skills people who take the program or read the book have developed are 6 core skills, which, as if by coincidence, spell IMPACT!.  They are:

  • Interpersonal Intelligence  --

Understanding ourselves and others at a deep, personal level so we can build and keep highly effective relationships that last

  • Mental Toughness and Self Confidence --

Being resilient, assertive, turning stress into success and significance

  • Passion with Purpose --

Having a burning desire channeled through a transformational cause

  • Attitude Control --

Forming winning habits through making good choices

  • Communication --

Transmitting and receiving our ideas, thoughts and emotions so the message is accurately delivered

  • Transformational Leadership--

Leading individuals, teams and organizations towards a value-added, win-win result

What Next?

For the first time ever, I am going to be running an Internet IMPACT! Program.  It is going to be a series of 1 hour sessions for up to 5 people.  First of all it starts with a 1 to 1 coaching session to determine what it is you want from participating on the program.  Then 7 X 1 hour video conferencing workshops where we tackle the material in the program and handouts provided, and conduct live coaching.  Then a 1 to 1 coaching session at the end to help pull everything together.  It's all for the introductory price of $500!  Normally, the cost is $1500, but as this is the first, you get a great deal!  To register or get more information please leave a comment or subscribe via email.