Why People Going Through Change Need a Coach

"Ï know what I need to do, but I need someone to help me do it."

I wrote this statement to a friend and fellow coach recently.  I'm going through some personal change and transition currently, and when I took the time to write down what was running around in my head (a good practice, by the way, if life seems a bit too much).  I would call my transition "Getting On With It".

We moved home and country two years ago, lost the connections with most of the people we had known and served in business and life for nearly 40 years.  In a very positive way it gave us a brand new start, and allowed us to re-focus some misaligned priorities in how we were relating with each other, God, and family.  We have established a fully paid home, literally built from scratch a living space in our basement which is as big as our old home in the UK.  Our new church home is fabulous, and through it we now have many new friends.  It has given us the opportunity to re-establish life long connections with old friends and the extended family.  We've had the opportunity to be there for family during some crises, and this has been a real blessing to us all.  Through all of this we learned so many things, and this has kept us energised and focussed.  But now it is time to get on with what I feel I am really on Earth for.  

So why do I need a coach?  I am a  coach, so why can't I just "coach myself"?  For me, there are a number of reasons, the top two I'll elaborate on here --

1.  Decision making -- left to my own devices, in attempting to make the change myself, I have made some poor decisions.  Not having a professionally trained and experienced coach to challenge, support and hold me accountable for my decisions meant I have wasted time and a lot of money.   My confidence has taken a real blow, and has sent me into analysis paralysis'..

2.  Facing the unknown -- Yes, believe it or not, when facing situations which are new or where the risk factors seem high, I get scared.  I am afraid of doing the wrong thing, getting rejected, wasting yet more time and money.  Many times in the past I have found my coach has given me the encouragement, focus and direction just by asking some good questions and reaffirming my strengths.  On one occasion it helped me increase my earnings by over 50%.  Well worth what I paid her!

So if you are in transition, facing a new challenge, or simply need someone to help you through a tough decision, I highly recommend you do what I am -- Get a coach!