What Is The Cycle of Experiential Development?


I'm often asked. "Geo what is the difference in how you coach and help people develop than other coaches and trainers?   That's a good question, and I believe the answer is the powerful model that is at the heart of how I coach.  It is called the Cycle of Experiential Development. The Cycle is a way to approach change.  It is a simple model to use to help us as people to get unstuck.  It helps us as leaders to tackle foundational resistance to change all of us experience to some extent.  It is particularly useful when our organization, team or we as individuals are faced with doing things differently in order to be a success, compete in a tough marketplace or stop the rot. 

The Cycle acknowledges we can all face something new with suspicion, reluctance or caution.  Who wants to change for change's sake?  The Cycle helps us to break down our own or someone else's resistance to change in such a way that we actually look forward to making the change rather than fearing the struggle or what other people may think.  It even shows us how to take failure and turn it into a sought after outcome.  That's pretty revolutionary in a world which "idolizes success and demonizes failure" pg 100 Chasing The Lion by Mark Batterson.  

As I write in my book, IMPACT!, the starting point to understand the Cycle of Experiential Model so we can use it is with an explanation of the Comfort Zone.  I had never heard of the Comfort Zone (CZ) when it was first introduced to me back in the '80's.  I still don't full understand it, but what I do know is that it is real, we all have one, and there is a way to use it to propel to victory instead of chain us into mediocrity and regret.  We'll explore it more fully in our next few blogs  In the meantime, reflect for yourself on an area or situation in your life at home, work, or leisure where you feel stuck.  Imagine if you can what it would be like to see 2017 as the year you dramatically moved on.  

New job or Promotion                             New business                                                             Expanding your current business     New relationship                    Improved relationships with:  family, friends or colleagues