Taking Our Thoughts "Captive"

Our Son Reverend Tim Roberts of Wellspring Church, Watford, Herts, UK has commenced a series of talks for the New Year on the importance of thinking right.  I was so excited recently as I listened to his first podcast on how to begin to renew our thinking by learning to take our thoughts captive.  Go to Wellspring Church to listen to it and you'll be glad you did!  As I reflected upon why this talk impressed me so I was transported back in time nearly 40 years ago when a friend of ours, Mike Schlimgen first introduced us to a tape on Dynamic Living by Skip Ross.  Skip was a highly successful minister and entrepreneur who has devoted his life to helping others to sort our their thinking.  It certainly worked with me.  At the time, he related that we have in life, right now, exactly what we want.  If we do not like where we are now, then we are not stuck there, and can change our outcomes and circumstances by first of all changing how we think!  The first step in that transformation is to take our current thoughts "captive".   What does that mean to you?  How do you go about capturing your thoughts so you can change them?  I'd love to hear, so drop me a line/send an email to geo@georoberts.com