The Most Powerful Part of Any Review

The Cycle of Experiential Development Model (see Chapter One of IMPACT! How to Make a Positive Difference by clicking on the website) that has served as the foundation of change and development in my life and the lives of thousands of others.  This simple yet profound model of change through our experiences and how we review them makes the vital step of asking the final "W"of our W3 review mandatory.  It answers the "So What?"so many of us ask once we have done something.  It keeps us from repeating the mistakes of the past, and helps us build on our successes (the first "W", What Went Well".  It takes us beyond the guilt and remorse of the second "W", What Did Not Go So Well.  It gives our brain a problem to solve -- What can we do differently that will make a positive difference?  Our brains are wired to solve problems, and this powerful question forces us out of the status quo of mediocrity to forge ourselves out of our comfort zone once again.

Jo Rice, the CEO of Resurgo, one of the most successful and awarded employment programs in the UK has resolutely instilled the W3's into her growing organization.  And particularly the third W, the "What Can We Do Differently."  It has kept the team vibrant, given them permission to make changes and to recommend others do the same.  About a year ago after jo and Tom Jackson, the Chairman of Resurgo guided the whole organization  through a change program, the team decided that its already exemplary record of over 75% of all graduates getting and sustaining work or higher education was still failing the other 25%.  So, the stage was set for radical change to the way Resurgo trained and recruited its coaches, ran its 6 week intensive program, and serve its clients.  Early signs are that the students feel more cared for and served, and know they will be in touch with someone from the organization until they are in work or higher education.  What a commitment!

What, then is your third W provoking you to consider?  What can you do differently that will make a positive difference to your home, your community, your workplace or business?  Why not ask significant others in your life to help you think this through.  I guarantee it will be time very well invested into you and your better future!