Lead Through Coaching Program

Well, I've done it!  We have devoted the last year to settling in to a new home, and since nearly half of the space in the home was just an empty space in a basement of the side of a slope, we decided to develop it.  Of course this meant we had to step outside of our comfort zone and learn some new skills.  Heidi, my live-in creative designer (she's my wife of nearly 47 years) and I embarked upon the adventure of turning this 1800 sq ft (roughly 50 ft by 35 ft for US readers and 15 metres by 10 metres for those into metric) into a warm, liveable space with bedroom, gym, kitchen and family room with a fireplace.  What an amazing adventure and experience of stepping out.  Yet that was just the introduction to what I want to say.

What we have now done, looking to push out the boundaries from the comfort zone to the stretch zone still further, is launch a Lead Through Coaching Program in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Daniel Pink, author of the book, Drive, has presented a strong argument about what the scientists have discovered about motivation that leaders and managers of today are encouraged to do differently if they are to engage and get the most from their employees, especially those who work in jobs where multitasking and thinking are more needed than simply turning a knob or dial.  This type of leadership is served best by being a Transformational Leader who leads through coaching.  Results show employees who are more engaged and autonomous, who know why they are being asked to do what they are doing and develop mastery in what they are doing get even more done.  The Lead Through Coaching Program is a highly interactive 8 day series of workshops run in three sessions.  First session is for 3 days, second session is 3 days two weeks later, then the final session is 2 days.  For more details, and if you know of someone who might be interested, please go to the website and click on "Services", then you'll see the details.  Would love to get your feedback on how relevant you think this might be for those who want to step up in how they lead and manage.