Living on the edge

So often we hear from well meaning friends and family that we are much better off if we don't take chances or dream too big.  To describe someone who is "living on the edge" generally means we think they are foolish and are heading for a big awakening.  I suppose this may be the case much of the time.

Yet somehow, as a birthday card given to me from close friends and colleagues described, "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone"  I smiled when I read it, and then quickly adopted it as how I want to live.  On the edge.  It left such an impact upon me so that during the time Heidi and I were thinking of moving either nearer London where our close family and work was or pull up stakes completely and move back to our home country, the USA, we decided to go all out and take the big stretch right to the end.

So having made the decision and actioned it over the past year, as we approach the anniversary of deciding to move we are in a new home, overlooking beautiful mountains, nearer our parents and siblings, and enjoying life to the full.

Has it been a hassle, a pain in the backside at times?  Surely.  Did we regret it some times in the process?  Of course.  Has it caused us to live more by faith? Definitely!  We are closer to God and to each other than we have ever been.  Even though our children and grandchildren are farther away, in some strange way we are even closer to them!

So take a moment to reflect.  If you were to live on the edge a bit more, what might your world look like a year from now?  Give it a try.  Take at least that first step to a new life!