How to make a positive difference

My wife, Heidi and I just spent an amazing few days with old friends who have travelled with us through life for 45 years.  We all shared a common background of going through USAF pilot training and then many of us on to fly in Viet Nam during the war there.

As we listened to each of our old buddies and their wifes/families, we became even more astounded by the accomplishments of this "band of brothers".  One became a 4 star general, another was a POW in Hanoi Hilton until the end of the war, then went on to excel as an USAF officer and gentlemen.

Most of us are grandparents now, and so much of the conversation was about our grandchildren, and the world we would like them to live in.  We want them to have the opportunity as we did to make an Impact, a positive difference to make their world a better place.

Our advice from some dog-eared old veterans?  Grasp your opportunities and even your adversities with both hands, and give it your all.  Risk living your dreams, even when you do not know where it will lead.  Take more chances, eat more food like your grandmother used to make.  Laugh Often.  Love much.  Don't forget who your source of energy and life comes from and acknowledge Him in all you do.