Establishing Healthy Rhythms

I am currently reading a highly provocative yet life changing book by Brady Boyd called, "Addicted to Busy".  He describes the dilemma many of us who aspire to be high achievers and livers to the full -- in our attempts to be productive, live our best lives, be the partner or business colleague we want to be, we very often miss the basics, that of working from a point of rest.  Rest, Brady defines, as "the swell of contentment, this sense of being delighted by the presence of God"(pg 57).  It can happen as we are driving in our car, waiting in line for the tube, picking up the kids from school, or preparing for an important meeting or engagement.  But like anything worthwhile in life, to get that rest comes with a cost.  We have to discipline ourselves to break out of being busy all the time, every day. 

I personally have found the time since leaving the UK to be one of the most rewarding yet frustrating times of my life.  The people who "needed" me besides my wife were in the UK.  No one other than Heidi "needed" me here.  What could I "do" to be a contributor to the world?  Answer: Not much.  When I ask God to help me find a new sense of purpose in what was now a strange land, He said, "Nothing.  Spend time with me and rest." So I had time with God, who wanted me most of all to trust in Him, be empowered by Him, and get my significance because I am a kid of His.  For the first time in years I am letting go of stuff and letting Him lead fully.  I feel so alive and scared for what might happen next!