Getting a Fresh Start

I am currently enjoying a special time with two of our grandchildren, Chris and George as we work our way through one of my favourite books -- IMPACT! How to Make a Positive Difference.  It should be, I wrote it!  As we are reading the book out loud together, I get excited all over again by the concepts, principles, techniques and ideas that found their way into the book.

So I am having this on-going chat with myself, "What would keep you, Geo, from blogging bits of the book, commenting on them and then asking readers to comment on the segments as well?"  So, looking ahead into the New Year 2015, this may become a reality.

The boys seem to be enjoying our chats about the book. Especially how it applies to teenagers in this highly complex and multi-cultural world where almost anything goes.  It has been fascinating to see how much of what I wrote even 5 years ago is still relevant, if not even more so.  The world certainly needs young men and women who are dedicated and trained to make a positive difference.